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Authentic product

All true our products come with seal tag and label, certificate of guarantee and anti-counterfeit hologram.

The seal tag may be located connected to each product; its label contains the certificates of guarantee attesting a 24 months guarantee supplied via the manufacturer. The seal tag and the hologram add price to the product. The hologram is attached to the the front side of the tag label, wherein is engraved the logo emblem. It is indestructible and makes it impossible to counterfeit Tuscany Leather & Personality Bags products. It serves as proof of authenticity and carries micro-information.

We invite you not to buy TL products with out the noted certification, best store at legal dealers or at our legitimate on-line save.

Only Tuscany Leather & Personality Bags gives you the advantage of high quality merchandise, with a decided beginning and that are guaranteed by way of the producer.


Through marketing initiatives and legal actions with the aim to promote its original product, Tuscany Leather & Personality Bags always commits to obstruct all fraudulent attempts that aim to undermine our values of transparency and reliability, that are much appreciated by our customers.