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Our product is the result of centuries of experience inside the Tuscan leather-based and tanning subculture. Our patterns have evolved with time to respond to new wishes associated with ergonomics and put on capacity however the inheritance of the skilled leather-based makers of the 19th century has been preserved. Many of our products have certainly unaltered designs which are normal of an historical product with contemporary functions. This is our distinguishing function and electricity.


Today products are still assembled in traditional manner but new technologies have additionally come into lifestyles to assist in responding to the increasing in call for from the marketplace. Our leather is tanned in step with the vintage tanning way of life of the nineteenth century the use of vegetable tannins in complete admire to the surroundings. Our improvement will no longer exchange our product philosophy but we are able to constantly be getting to know and enhancing the first-class of our products for regular life for distribution and marketing channels.